My Works

Academic Publications:

Zheng, E L (2021), Interpreting Fitness: Self-tracking with Fitness Apps through a Postphenomenology Lens, AI & Society, Feb 7 2021.

Zheng, E L (2020), Redefining the Datafication of Selves: Review of Data Selves: More-than-Human Perspectives, by Deborah Lupton, Techne: Research in Philosophy and Technology 24(3):405-407


《博物馆的秘密》,莫莉·奥德菲尔德(Molly Oldfield)著,李子 译,人民邮电出版社

《我包罗万象》,埃德·扬(Ed Yong)著,郑李 译,后浪|北京联合出版社

Other works:

For my English articles, see my Medium .

I presented in the Georgia Tech STS Research Symposium about self-tracking and STS (general audience). See here of my presentation slides:


I presented in New York Culture Salon (纽约文化沙龙) about "Social Determinants of Health" (general audience, in Chinese). See here of my presentation slides: